Predictive Dialer


ASTVOX Predictive Dialer is a computer based dialing system that quickly places outbound calls via database interaction using special telephone cards that connect to a variety of communication and telephone lines. Depending on the configuration and the amount of Live Agents determines how many calls the Predictive Dialer places per hour.
The “Predictive” in Predictive dialers refer to the ability to dial down the amount or increase your call volume depending on how long it takes for an agent to complete the call process. ASTVOX “predicts” how long it will take for an Agent to be available for the next call. The call time may vary from one day to the next with some campaigns pitch length, product information, customer retention of the offer and the amount of staff currently available.


The system predicts when agents will finish the current call, and the system will dial out another phone line while agents are still talking to customers. The phone call is passed to an agent instantly after a customer picks up the phone. It takes 30 seconds to manually dial a phone number and let it ring four times. If the customer doesn't answer the agent has to remember this and call the customer later.
Predictive Dialers allows the agent to talk to at least two people in the same time it takes to manually dial and reach one person and agent productivity increases by 150% to 400%. Predictive Dialers help in saving management time too. ASTVOX Predictive maintains do not call lists, organizes data like sales, leads, call-backs etc. This can help agents to decide which times of day work best to call, finding the best lead and pitch etc.
Predictive Dialers help control leads. Once a number has been called by ASTVOX Predictive, it will remember what time the call was placed, outcome of the call, and will not call the customer again until asked to.
If the customer asks not to be called again, the agent can select the disposition code of do not call and the dialer will add it to the local "aka your Companies DNC" do-not-call list so that it can't be called again in that campaign or never again. If the customer asks for a call back at a later time, the agent selects the time for the call back to be made, using fast drop down menus. At the pre selected time, the system will call back and display the customer's information as well as any notes taken for reference during the earlier conversation.
Predictive Dialers give a real-time feedback reporting and the current call "Campaign's manager" can monitor calls and maintain optimum agent-system performance and productivity. The real-time displays give information about inbound queues, current status and statistics, dialer statistics, and list performance. It helps to identify agents who have exceeded preset goals, monitor and train an agent for immediate corrective action and feedback. Predictive dialing removes the remedial tasks of manual dialing and frustration on not achieving the target calls and figures. It boosts the agent morale.

  • Predictive Dialer features
  • Inbound, Outbound and Blended call handling
  • Answering Machine Detection
  • Automated Dialing with Screen Pop
  • Simple to use Voice Message Broadcasting
  • Multiple Simultaneous Campaigns
  • Callback Management
  • Customizable Call Result Codes
  • Integrated call recording
  • Simple Script Editing
  • Reports for Managing Agents & Campaigns
  • Do Not Call (DNC) List Management
  • Time Zone Management
  • Abandoned Call Rate Management
  • Log Call History
  • Call Monitoring, Coaching, Call Recording
  • Rapid Remote or On-Site Installation Options Available
  • Live monitoring screen
  • 3rd party conferencing (with DTMF macros and number presets)
  • 3rd party blind call transfer
  • 3rd party conferencing with agent drop-off
  • Custom Music-On-Hold and agent alert sound for inbound calls

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