IP- PBX   


ASTVOX PBX is simple, robust, and scalable and it is very easy to maintain the system, even remotely.  browser-based management interface, allows IT administrators to access the system from anywhere on the network or outside the network. Through the browser, every site and feature can be managed, including voice mail, automated attendant and desktop applications.

When a new user is added, an administrator simply clicks “add new” and enters the user's name; this automatically updates the centralized database and voice switches, and it also creates a new mailbox for the user. The automated attendant dial-by-name and number feature and online directories are updated also–all in just a few seconds.

  • IVR (Fully Customizable Interactive Voice Response System with Voice Recognition)
  • Full Featured Tele-Conferencing Server
  • Call Waiting 
  • Call Transfer (Seamlessly Transfer Calls between Offices with a touch of a button)
  • Call Forward  (Forward the calls to another telephone or you Cell Phone)
  • Call Forward on Busy (Forward calls to Attendant When Busy on the Phone)
  • Call Forward on Un-Available (Forward The calls only when not available at the Desk)
  • Remote Voicemail (Remotely Access the voicemail)
  • Do not Disturb (Directly Send all the phones to personal Voice Mail)
  • Call Blasting (Send Calls to multiple People Automatically)
  • Fax-To-Email (Automatically Detect the incoming call and receive the Fax in your Email as PDF)
  • Call Hunting
  • Ring All
  • Call Tracking/Monitoring
  • Outlook Integration

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